Brendan lawrence Arata

23, of Havertown, died at home Saturday, December 9, 2017. Brendan had waged a fierce battle against addiction during the past 22 months. Brendan graduated from Haverford High in 2013 where he co-hosted a weekly radio show featuring alternative rock. Brendan was a drummer and pianist who pursued his music education at Blue Bond, in Philadelphia, where he was mentored by local rock performers such as John Faye. Most recently, Brendan was mentored by Artie Amici, a local accomplished drummer. After high school, Brendan took classes at the Community College of Philadelphia and performed with the doom metal band, Manananggal. Brendan is survived by his parents, Heather (nee Griggs) and Larry Arata, III, his sister, Shelby Arata, his grandmother, Patricia Griggs, aunts, Tracy Griggs, Beth Griggs and Christine Arata, uncles, Paul and David Arata and Robert Griggs, grandfather, Lawrence Arata, Jr., and cousins Nicole, Gianna, Ella and Jacob Arata and Kailey and Kristina Griggs and Michelle Moriarty.

“The Greatest Courage”

Written for Brendan Arata while he was in recovery, by Larry Arata

The greatest courage must aim at enemies within, without the aid of evicted allies now revealed as adversaries marching silently in sleepless nights.

The greatest courage cannot take aim against an enemy across a field, jungle or desert but must have vigilant eyes on an ever present interloper feeding on any remaining darkness lurking within. 

The greatest courage fights an army that will never surrender, reappearing every nightfall.

The greatest courage pledges, “I will listen no more to the voices that tempt me, but will hear only the sunlight spoken in my soul.”

The greatest courage has unbreakable loyalty and compassion for beleaguered brothers and sisters honoring their pact to defeat their common foe, one day at a time. 

The greatest courage does not heed what lies behind, or retreat from what lies ahead, but knows with certainty that these forces pale in comparison to the yet-undiscovered strength of what lies within.