Addiction now Defined as Brain Disorder

About time! Since it is a chronic disease, it must be treated over a lifetime. Therefore, private insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare must stop limiting coverage of treatment to 60 days per year. Our non-profit, the Opioid Crisis Action Network, has called for a continuum of care and coverage of at least 90 days. Treatment for chronic diseases are not cut off after an arbitrary number of days of treatment. Whatever it takes! PA Act 106 must be updated immediately. It is time to get serious about eliminating barriers to treatment.


OCAN to Host George Kilby Jr and the Road Dogs 11/17 at the Ardmore Music Hall

George Kilby Jr, the consummate blues entertainer, has generously donated his talents to this fundraising concert, Sunday night, 7:00 at the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, PA. Kilby has been performing over 40 years, starting his career as a student at Princeton University where he met Opioid Crisis Action Network Co-Founder, Larry Arata. “I did not miss any of his gigs on campus,” said Arata. “I was a big fan.” Their relationship grew during the past year when Kilby heard of the death of Arata’s 23 year-old son, Brendan, of a heroin overdose and the family’s subsequent efforts to promote best practices treatment. “I reached out to Larry by phone and let him know I have known many musicians who have suffered from addiction and drug use has touched my family as well. I offered to help in any way I could. That led to us getting together a couple times to discuss a prospective fundraising concert in the Philly area. We sealed the deal at my home in upstate NY when Larry and Heather visited us in June. I sure hope we raise a lot of money for the cause. So many need treatment and can’t afford it. Larry and Heather help local people get the treatment they need. I am proud to help their mission.”

The Opioid Crisis Action Network donates $1,000 to Veterans 4 Recovery

(7/19/19) The Opioid Crisis Action Network donated $1,000 to Veterans 4 Recovery, a non-profit residential recovery home for women in Darby, PA. Shonette Dixon-Purilla, Founder, provides support to residents pursuing both, abstinence-only and medication-assisted recovery regimes. The home currently has six residents and a capacity of seven. We interviewed Shonette and received a tour of the home earlier this month and found the facility meets all PARRS standards. The Opioid Crisis Action Network is proud to support Veterans 4 Recovery and their residents in need.

Medical Best Practices for Treating Substance Use Disorder

Great article framing the debate in the recovery community around medication-assisted recovery regimes. Our platform has called for state and federal government to enforce the 2008 Federal Parity Act and force insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare to cover these best practices and to end the 7-day review, an industry-imposed impediment to needed long-term care. There should not be a 60% ($600) co-pay for Vivitrol (if it is covered at all). That is criminal. I am glad Aetna is now covering medication-assisted treatment, however, this is not yet the case with Independence Blue Cross and other carriers. Every drug court and recovery home in America should be forced to support those who wish to pursue medication-assisted recovery regimes. That means Delco!